The Viewpoint

A dynamic, nationalistic, agenda setting, mind-shaping, nation transforming, critical thinking, conscience pricking, inspirational, collective mobilization, energy synergizing, and action-stimulating TV Show towards building a NEW GAMBIA.

"The View Point" focus on a transformational change agenda for the whole nation, structured into various components and progressive stages. Its content is designed to bring the minds of Gambia to capture the current era of renewal, rejuvenation, redirection, reinvention, reorientation, restructuring, reinvigoration, re-strategizing, repositioning, as well as recapturing, and stimulate focused action towards building The New Gambia. This is done through the churning out of relevant knowledge that inspires new thinking, new attitudes, and ultimately a resulting in a new direction.

Blunt hard talk, with the language, contributions and explanations on the program, stripped down to ‘street level’, thus pulling along the mass majority of our people. The will have an hour's interactive discussion on a new thinking/perspective nation building topic with a variety selected panel of the best minds from the public including experts in specific fields

You can watch previous editions of QTV News here.