Saturday Splash

Music is the food for the soul. Music is life and also a source of livelihood for some people. This is why anything that is aimed at projecting music must be applauded.

Saturday Splash is a music and performance oriented live television show, which comes your way every Saturday on QTV at 4pm

The show plays a blend of latest and Classic music videos and seeks to serve every viewer’s preference in music. The show is hosted by 2 young energetic TV presenters.

Saturday Splash is an interactive show that engages viewers via Whatsapp video calls, and Skype video calls (for people in the diaspora so they can call and give dedications) making each episode very interactive and fun. The Saturday Splash show also touches on the funny, amazing, bizarre and the trending on social media.

There is an interview segment where the presenters engage a live studio guest to talk about general things and fun stuff

Saturday Splash airs live on Saturdays at 16:30